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SCPM Client Is Worth To Have Your Android Mobile As The Best Power Management App!

What is SCPM Client

SCPM Client Is Worth To Have Your Android Mobile As The Best Power Management App!

We are meeting again with some interesting facts about the latest technical aspects of the mobile or the communications industry. This time it is about the SCPM Client

If you are interested in knowing the SCPM Client meaning; it is a Smart Certified Project Manager that is the kernel app package in Android.

Do you know what this application is about? 

Well, let us share some valuable tips. 

And facts about it.

Here’s the deal:

What is SCPM Client?

Battery life is one of the essential things that all smartphone users wish to optimize. Samsung, one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers, offers an exceptional battery experience to its users. This new application, SCPM Client, that is on your Android phone is a product of Samsung. This application is used purely to increase the battery life of android phones. 

SCPM is a power management system used in mobile phones. It can optimize the battery life of Android phones by adjusting the CPU voltage and frequency. Also, you can adjust the screen brightness and reduce the power consumption of WIF, Bluetooth, and GPS. These options can help in increasing the battery life. 

The specialty is that this app is available only on Android phones. 

So this is what is SCPM Client on Android is all about.

Apart from that, this application can provide features that help you learn about your phone’s battery health. Also, you can monitor which apps drain your battery fast. The app also recommends the necessary actions and when you should charge next. 

Though Android is best in backing up the battery, the users still have complaints about the poor performance of their batteries.


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SCPM Client keeps stopping? – Here is how to get rid of it!

Among the frequent issues of the application, the SCPM client stopping without notice is one of the common issues.

Do you have any idea of what you should do if you come across such an issue?

There are several methods. 

Method 1: 

Restart your device is the easiest and most common. You can press the power button and hold it for a second, and then when the restart command appears, click o it. Most of the time, if the issue is not complicated, this is simple enough to solve the problem.

Method 2

Go to the settings and select the apps. Tap on the ellipsis icon or the three dots on the top right. Then go to “reset the app preferences” and tap ok. Most of the time, this action is enough to solve the issue.SCPM Client keeps stopping

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Method 3

You can try uninstalling the system web view. Go to the google play store. Search for the Android system web View using the search bar. Tap on it and uninstall it if it is already installed.SCPM Client

So dear readers, you can try these simple steps and see if the issue is solved. Most of the time, these actions can solve the problem.


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Is the SCPM client safe?

The safety of the applications on your mobile phones is one big concern that all of its users may have. It is the same with this. We always feel unsafe installing these unfamiliar applications. So, is the SCPM client app safe on our android devices?

It confirms that this application is safe to have on your phones. There is no evidence that this is malware or a virus. It is a pre-installed app in android mobile phones purely for the safety of the battery. 

How to uninstall the app?

If you need d to uninstall the app, be informed that this application cannot be uninstalled. As it is a pre-installed app, you cannot remove it from the device.

Also, disabling the application is not recommended as it will cause problems with the smart managing system. As the application is confirmed harmless, you do not have to worry about having the same on your device.  


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Features of the SCPM Client at a glance.

The SCPM client application has many Important points that help optimize the battery of any android phone. These include,

CPU Cooler: 

This is a very remarkable feature of this app. It controls the CPU power, cools the device temperature, and reduces heating issues. It helps to increase the life of your mobile CPU  

RAM optimizer – One of the top features of SCPM Client

Scans your phone and cleans up your RAM. It also helps to boost your device.

App hibernation

This feature makes certain apps hibernate in the system tray when not used. Hibernation will stop apps from running in the background. But they are allowed to update unnecessarily, saving battery life.

Power saving mode 

This mode is a very useful feature that allows you to control the standby times of your cell phone. You can set various methods for weekdays and weekends.

Battery Monitor 

Thanks to the feature, Battery Monitor, users can have a clear picture of their phone’s battery level and helps manage it well for more continued usage before charging. It also improves the charging experience. This feature enhances the efficiency of charging time by optimizing the charging current at the right time.

Suspend Background Data 

allows you to pick which apps can use data in the background even when you aren’t using them. Apps not needing network access can prevent from draining your battery by accessing the internet. Most of them will hibernate automatically. 

Junk Cleaner 

With the help of Junk Cleaner, you can delete the junk and residual files, which cannot be customarily deleted. It will allow more storage space in your phone.

Monitor status bar notifications 

This feature helps you know if there are any unread messages or alerts that require immediate attention at all times.

App Locking feature 

This feature helps you lock any application installed on your phone with a password. It is a perfect security measure for most apps that need privacy and protection.

There are more features!

One Tap Boost, custom clean and auto clean, making it easy to optimize memory space and speed up the phone. It also allows monitoring memory usage in real-time with this feature.

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The Bottom Line

Dear readers, we hope you gathered some helpful information from this write-up and make sure to get the maximum benefit of the application. There is nothing to worry about it as it is a safe product from Samsung Inc. Be mindful to stay updated with all the latest modifications so that you get the best out of it!


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