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How To Split Screen On iPhone? (2024)

How To Split Screen On iPhone

Do you want to use two websites or two apps at the same time? On your iPhone, you are probably used to only launching and using one app at once. Using two complete screens instead of one is more efficient and beneficial when using the split screen feature on your iPhone. Let us see how to split screen on iPhone.

Pull out your iPhone. – Let us check how to split screen on iPhone.

Do you realize that multitasking can significantly boost your productivity? 

For example, watch a YouTube video or listen to music on YouTube at the same time, scroll your Instagram or Twitter feed at the same time, you can log into two Instagram accounts at the same time, you can compare two amazon products at the same time, or do split screen multitasking by Googling while referring to your favorite news app. 

How amazing is that? 

Furthermore, it saves a ton of time.

Although the iPhones do not yet have a built-in split screen feature, you can have the dual screen iPhone experience with smooth apps available in the app store.

How to use two apps at once on iPhone?

With the split screen capability, you can multitask by running two applications on the same screen at once. With this function, you can load any two applications to view and use them on separate screens on your phone. There is a way to enable this by first jailbreaking the iPhone, but it is not authorized and can pose numerous security risks. 

Let us see how to use third-party apps to have this cool feature on your iPhone.

Using a third-party app

Having iPhone split screen multitasking feature is a real-time saver. Apps in your app store are checked for viruses by Apple, so you have nothing to worry about facing a risk like jailbreaking your phone to get iPhone split view. For some apps, you may have to invest a few dollars to get the premium version, which can be well worth it, depending on how big your need is to have the dual screen iPhone feature.

How To Split Screen On iPhone? – Use Split Screen – Dual Window App!

Get this completely free app from the app store called split screen dual window. The app is from 苑栏 钟. Ensure you get the right one, as there are other apps you will need to pay to download. 

Click to install the app to split screen iPhone without jailbreak and to start multitasking. Go ahead and open the split screen dual window app. You can see a prompt right away telling you that you can move the split screen proportions around. Some other apps do not have this feature, so it is pretty handy.

As you can see, there are two web browser windows. If you want to swipe the split up to the top, you can see the whole of your bottom page; likewise, if you swipe down, you can see the whole of the top page.

How to use the app?

There are some sample apps shown here as hotkeys. You can use the web-based version of any app or website you want. Tap YouTube in the top window. Once you are done, you will be prompted to sign in; you’ll stay signed in. Do the same down the bottom and log in to Instagram. Now with the split screen iPhone feature, you can play a YouTube video simultaneously and be able to scroll on Instagram. 

If you move the split screen up, the YouTube video disappears. However, it is still playing the sound. And you can see Instagram on full screen. Similarly, you may move the split down to the bottom to see more of what is going on YouTube. There are endless ways to play around with the split screen feature.

More Features

Please keep in mind, though, that this web-based experience is different from an app-based experience. But generally, it is a fantastic compromise for the iPhone split screen multitasking features you receive. You can share either the top or bottom page with your friends using the share button at the bottom. Moreover, a button for recent pages and bookmarks is there. 

Additionally, you’ll notice that occasionally advertisements are displayed. But usually, after a few seconds, you can skip them. If you truly like this iPhone split view app but are tired of the advertisements, you may pay a little fee to access the ad-free version. To make it easy to access, you can place this in your dock, home screen, or first page.

How to split screen on iPhone? – Split View – Multi window app is ideal for you!

You can also use this app to solve your problem on how to do split screen on iPhone. 

So, why are you waiting? 

Let us install the split view multi-window app right away. Head over to the Apple App Store. Enter “Split View – Multi Window” into the search bar. Tap to download that on your iPhone.

How to use the app?

Let us first learn how to use two apps at once on your iPhone with the Split View app. You will notice two browser windows on the screen once you launch the app. You can now type a search term or URL in the upper address lines. If you turn your iPhone, the vertical view will also change to horizontal landscape mode.

Then, while doing other things like checking your mail, chatting with friends, shopping, or browsing the Internet, you can play a YouTube video on one side. As you can see, two web browser windows are inside the app. The entire bottom page is visible if you swipe the split up to the top. Additionally, the entirety of the top page is visible by swiping down.

See, it also has actions similar to Split Screen app. You can learn how to use the apps pretty quickly and save time with multitasking without waiting for Apple to add this fantastic feature to your iPhone.


Have there ever been times when you wished you could view videos or listen to your favorite music while doing something else? 

Are you thinking about how to split screen on iPhone? 

Although your iPhone does not have a built-in split-screen feature, you can use third-party apps to unlock multitasking potential and discover limitless possibilities.

You can simultaneously do everything you want, including browsing websites, checking your emails, uploading photographs to social media, posting updates, contacting friends, working, conducting research, shopping, and more! 

When you multitask, you can do your tasks more quickly and effectively.


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