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Android disable absolute Bluetooth volume? – Don’t worry! – We can fix this Easily!

Android disable absolute Bluetooth volume

Dear readers, today the discussion is about a new Android phone development that we use. This feature was implemented in 2015 and has been in use till today. Some of us find this a practical application, while some complain of audio difficulties while the Bluetooth absolute volume is on. Worried about Android disable absolute bluetooth volume?

If yes, it is the right time to dig up about this issue before starting to fix the issue.

When we are aware of the issue precisely, of course, it is easier to fix anything.

So, we thought it is better to share some knowledge and tips on the absolute volume and how you can control the same.

What is Bluetooth? -Before discussing Android disable absolute Bluetooth volume issue…

Those who are into all the technical details of mobile technology and are constantly updated on the new developments surely know the Bluetooth definition. But let us elaborate more on the subject for better knowledge.

In simple terms, Bluetooth is a particular application in the telecommunications industry that explains how computers, mobile devices, tabs, and other devices can easily communicate by only using a short-range wireless connection.

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What is Absolute volume in Android devices?

Bluetooth absolute volume

Absolute Bluetooth Volume lets the users control the volume of their connected Bluetooth device and the volume of the phone at the same time. So, there is no need to use the physical volume controls to control the volume on your connected Bluetooth device. But make a note that the reverse is also applicable. It means if you decrease the importance of your Bluetooth device substantially from its control, it is definite that the volume on the phone will also decrease accordingly. With the phenomenal rise in Bluetooth devices as Bluetooth headsets, this feature is handy and necessary.

Bluetooth volume control android

In Many Android phones, the absolute Bluetooth volume control comes as default. However, this isn’t always the best solution because some devices aren’t improved for total Bluetooth volume control. Due to this reason, the devices might account for those shaking moments when you use your device to enjoy your favorite music and get surprised by how loud the audio output on your Bluetooth earpiece is. Then we think of how you make disable absolute volume on your phone!

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Care to find out more about it? Below are some facts!

Absolute Bluetooth volume control is how your device controls your Bluetooth speaker’s volume and reverse. You don’t have to manually hold your Bluetooth device’s physical buttons to adjust the volume. Instead, you can use your phone’s volume, and the sound level on your headset or the speakers will adapt accordingly. 

It can be applied vice versa when you want to adjust the media volume on your phone using your Bluetooth device. It is convenient. It’s highly regarded as a necessity to have absolute Bluetooth volume control. The pure reason for this is that the Android phones have also started removing the 3.5mm jack after Apple phones have removed their headphone jack. Whether they like it or not, most people have no option but to use Bluetooth earphones and headsets to listen to music confidentially.

The Absolute Bluetooth volume control is a handy and most-awaited feature on Android devices. It helps to boost Bluetooth volume through your phone volume and vice versa. But, in some cases, absolute Bluetooth volume control causes issues and defects with Bluetooth connections. It is purely because some devices with Bluetooth features cannot handle absolute volume control. 

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Why do you need to Disable the Bluetooth volume control on Android?

Even though this feature is helpful and very advanced, many Android users have found it malfunctioning with their connected Bluetooth device. Most of the time, it creates inconvenience due to interruptions. Some Bluetooth devices are not designed to couple up with this feature. So, it leads to audio issues in the devices, and in such cases, the best option is to disable this feature to avoid any further hassle. But it is noted that it is not easy for a regular Android smartphone user to find the option for disabling the feature. It is hidden under Developer Options! 

Let us explain how you can disable absolute volume.

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How do you disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume on Android?

If you need to get rid of the Absolute Bluetooth volume on your android system, you first need to go to developer options and turn it on. Here s how to do it.

  • Open the settings tab and go to About phone.
  • Look for the phone’s build number.absolute volume
  • When you find it tap on it seven times, and “you are now a developer!”
  • Now close the settings application.

After turning on the Developer option, follow the below steps to disable the absolute Bluetooth volume.

  • First, Disconnect the Bluetooth headset/speakers if they are active.
  • Go to the Settings app again.
  • Click on the System tab.Disable the Bluetooth volume control on Android
  • Go to Developer Options and tap on it.Bluetooth volume control
  • When you scroll down, you will get the Networking portion.
  • Under Networking, find the Disable Absolute Volume disable absolute bluetooth volume
  • To make Android disable absolute volume control, you can toggle Disable Absolute Volume ON.

When you follow these steps correctly, you will be able to separately control the volume of your Android device and Bluetooth device. So, if you want to increase or decrease your Bluetooth speaker’s volume, now you can do it on the speaker. The same applies to Bluetooth headsets, earphones, and other Bluetooth devices that have volume.

But remember, adjusting the volume on your Android device will not adjust your Bluetooth device’s volume. If you change the level of your phone’s volume, your Bluetooth speaker’s sound will not change its volume. 

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It’s a great relief that Android didn’t permanently let you disable the setting because some Bluetooth devices aren’t designed to accompany the absolute volume control. Sometimes, people expect better control over their devices to maximize the volume. Regardless of brand, having Android disable absolute Bluetooth volume is very useful on your device. You can do this anytime you need as long as you have the Developer Options enabled in your settings. Bluetooth volume control is just a piece of cake when you get used to it!

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