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My phone sent a text that I didn’t write! – What should I do?

My phone sent a text that I didn’t write

Have you ever looked into your phone’s message list and saw that there is a message that you cannot remember sending? This can give you a lot of pressure; it can literally cause a panic attack if the recipient is someone you should never send a wrong message to. If you are thinking that my phone sent a text that I didn’t write, then of course, here is something that you should read!

This appears to be true for some android owners. Users on certain android community forums have reported cases where Messages app on their phone sending photos and texts to other people. In a specific case, it has even sent someone’s entire photo gallery to his girlfriend. There are several cases with Verizon users too. They have been through so much trouble as their phone started to send text messages without letting them know. So, a user might wonder, “did my android phone sending texts on its own?” They might even panic, thinking, “if my phone is just hacked!”

My phone sent a text that I didn’t write – Even though no fact has proven to be the legit root cause, there can be several reasons for this problem.

1.Is the phone hacked?

Did my phone sent text I didn’t write

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Well, in this technological era, it is possible to hack anything related to technology. So, why cannot your phone be hacked, right? Is your phone sending messages to people CONSTANTLY, and you are not the sender of any of them? Then there is a high probability for your phone to be hacked.

Reducing battery percentage is the best tool to discover whether someone has hacked your phone or not. Hacking your device can drain your battery extremely fast. If it is normal, you have nothing to worry about. Also, pay attention to any unusual activities on your device that you did not perform. But do not panic if it is just a one-time text. It can be a mistake that you made unconsciously.


2. Did someone have access to your phone?

your phone may send texts without letting you know

Someone from your inner circle may know your phone’s password. It can be someone from your family, your close friend, or a partner who has given access to your device. In this case, they might have sent that text without your knowledge.

So better to ask them before losing yourself over a hacking phobia.


3. Is the device out of order?

This can be the most common reason for sending random text messages. It is that your phone’s software or hardware is out of order. You may send a text to your friend on such devices, and it can also go to another one. But you will not even know it. There is also a possiblibity when your phone has been bulked up delayed messages, and it starts to send them after a long time. By that time, you will not even remember that you have actually sent them.

Also, there are possibilities that the LED/LCD screen of your phone is not working correctly, and the sensors are a mess. Therefore, when you leave your phone unlocked, your phone may send texts without letting you know due to the bad sensors and unusual touches.

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4. A bug in the service providers or the device itself?

Many users with this issue, especially Samsung users, states that they are using T-Mobile US. They have guessed that it has something to do with the carrier’s recent RCS messaging update. But T-Mobile declines this complaint, saying it is a Samsung problem. Samsung, however, has neither accepted it nor has it denied the complaint. Instead, Samsung informed Gizmodo that they are aware of the issue and have teams “looking into it.” There were no more comments from Samsung.

Another interesting thing is that this issue is not limited to any particular device. Several handsets have experienced the exact random message sending, including new-generation models like the Galaxy S9. Therefore, if you are a Samsung user, this can be a reason.

It is not sure when there will be a fix, or if there is, we do not know when it will fully come to action. Therefore, your best choice might be to disable Messages and use another app instead. Google’s Android Messages or any other online messaging platform will do.

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Conclusion – My phone sent a text that I didn’t write!

In this article, you would find some of the most common answers for the question “Did my phone sent text I didn’t write?”. You might find these tips helpful to solve your issue with the messages. But if not, your best option is to switch to a third-party messaging app and turn off the default messaging app.

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