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Couldn’t establish a secure connection? – Know the reasons behind it in order to fix this error!

Couldn't establish a secure connection

Given how we depend on the internet to get so much of our work done as well as a method of entertainment and a medium for communication when there is an error with our internet connection it stresses us out so much. Among the connectivity issues, some are more common than others. If you have ever gotten a notification saying couldn’t establish a secure connection, then you are not the only one. This is one of the most common connection errors with phones and computers and it is also easy to fix following a few simple steps. But to fix the problem we have to get to know a little bit about why this error occurs.

So let us start there. 

Why the connection problem couldn’t establish a secure connection occurs in my devices?

There are a few conditions to why this message occurs in your phone, laptop, or computer. 

There is a process called TLS handshake that happens when your device which is the client connects with the server. If this connection is interrupted or broken, an error might occur.

If the problem surfaced while you are using a third-party application, then the cause might be behind that application. Some third-party applications have trouble connecting with the servers and because of that, errors can be shown.

There are extensions and plugins that come as default in your browser and you might have also added extensions by yourself. These extensions can cause problems with network connectivity. 

Your mobile phone has cache memory and if a corrupted file is stored in the cache memory, connection problems can happen.

Antivirus software we install on our computers and laptops also interrupts network connectivity sometimes. They block out sites with insecure data. 

If there are incorrect data or time settings in your device, that might be the reason behind this error.

Now that we know some of the sources to our problem, you can figure out what is really causing the secure connection could not be established error to surface. Even if you cannot figure out the reason, by following these steps we are going to discuss, you will be able to fix the problem.

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How do I fix the “can’t establish a secure connection” problem?

If you keep getting the error, then try doing these things to fix the problem.

Check if the website is working – One of the top reasons behind the error, couldn’t establish a secure connection

Sometimes, the problem might not be yours. If the website has problems, then it will show you the same error with no fault of your devices. To check this, you can access the same website from another device. As an example, if the error occurred on your computer, try accessing the same website with your mobile phone. When you confirmed that the problem is not occurring due to a fault in the web page, you can move on to the next solution.

Restarting the browser

Temporary glitches in the browser or internet connection can cause problems. So quit your browser and reopen it to see if that fixes the problem. If the problem is in your mobile device, you can go to Settings🡪 Apps And choose your browser and Force Stop it and then open the browser again. This method will fix the problem if it happened due to a small glitch.

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Clear Cache Memory

If your mobile phone is Android couldn’t establish a secure connection can be solved by clearing the cache partition because the corrupted, outdated, or buggy cache files can cause different problems in your device. To manually clear the cache partition of your Android device, this is what you have to do.

  1. Turn your mobile phone off. 
  2. Hold the power on/off button along with the volume down button until the Phone opens the Recovery Mode. 
  3. There will be a few options. Choose the “Wipe cache partition” option by navigating through the list using the volume up and down buttons. Use the power button to select. Couldn't establish a secure connection
  4. You will have to confirm the process. Use the volume buttons to navigate. You can utilize the power button to select the “Yes” option.
  5. Then the cache will be cleared and once it is done, you have to restart your mobile phone once more. 

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Clearing the browser cache

The browser app has its own cache and due to corrupted files stored in that, performance issues can occur. To avoid that you need to clear the cache in your browser. 

To clear the cache on the browser of your phone, this is what you should do.

  1. Go to Settings 🡪 Apps on your phone and go to More Settings from the top right side of your screen.
  2. Choose the option ‘Show System Apps” and you will get a list of connection could not be established
  3. Scroll down and select your browser.
  4. Click on the storage button and choose the ‘Clear Cache’ option to clear the cache. You can also choose the ‘Clear Data’ option from here. Doing both those things will increase the chances of fixing the problem.
  5. Restart your phone.can't establish a secure connection google

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The following steps are to clear browser cache on your computer and fix can’t establish a secure connection google browser.

  1. Open your browser. 
  2. Find the settings at the top right side of the window. The button looks like three dots. 
  3. Go to History 🡪 History. 
  4. Click on ‘Clear browsing data’. It is on the left side. Then choose the ‘Cached Images and files’ on the pop-up window and click on Clear connection could not be established

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Resetting the Network Connection

If none of the above problems work, you can also try resetting your network connection as a last resort. 

  1. Open Settings application on your phone and go to General Management Settings.
  2. Scroll down the list and find the Reset option and tap on it.
  3. There you can find the option Reset network settings.
  4. Select the Reset Settings button in the next window. 
  5. You can also change the PIN code of the network here. 
  6. After you press the Reset Settings button, the network connection will be reset.couldn't establish a secure connection

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Performing these processes can solve the issue of not being able to establish a secure connection. You can also see if there is a problem with your internet connection, Wi-Fi, or mobile data. Also, if there is an extension or a third-party application that generates problems as we mentioned very earlier in this article, simply removing those applications or extensions can solve the problem. Further, if your firewall or the virus guard is blocking access to certain sites, displaying the problem, then you should be better off not forcing your way into those sites because there can be malicious software threats involved.

If nothing works, then you have to ask for a professional to take a look at your phone or the computer. We hope this article paved the for you to fix your connectivity problem. Have an awesome browsing experience!

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