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What is com.sec.epdg App? & How To Fix It?


Android runs tens of thousands of little background processes and packages in the background to keep our phones functioning as we use them every day. Although these packages are uncommon, when they do appear, you may become confused. Android phone users sometimes hear about or run into com.sec.epdg. But there is little to no information when searching com sec epdg on internet. In this article, we provide information about com.sec.epdg and how to fix it.

What is com.sec.epdg?

Android uses the ePDG package com.sec.epdg. The com.sec.epdg keeps running in the background and doesn’t send any notifications or pop up to you. It is a system program that manages safe access to your phone’s communication services, including WiFi and 4G LTE.

What is ePDG?

ePDG is crucial and manages security and authentication utilizing protocols like IPSEc/IEv2, proxy mobile IPv6, and others. In android, there are security and authentication utilizing protocols like IPSec/IKEv2 or proxy mobile IPv6.What ePDG does is manage them so your phone functions correctly. Thanks to the app, your phone can combine various network operations into one framework. While preventing any information loss, it regulates the data flow.

Meaning of the com.sec.epdg

The Evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) network entity of android is what the package com.sec.epdg is. It is a framework used by Android devices to relay both mobile data and voice resources.

Is com.sec.epdg a malware?

You can relax knowing that com.sec.epdg is an entirely trustworthy system service and that your device is not in danger. It is a trustworthy program with useful features.

Should you delete com.sec.epdg?

It would be best if you didn’t disable or remove com.sec.epdg. This is because it is a highly important component. It’s a system app and is required for proper network connectivity. It’s impossible to remove it like you would a third-party software downloaded from the Play Store, and you can’t disable the package because it hardly ever appears in the list of installed apps.

Com.sec.epdg has stopped; how can you fix it?

This program frequently stops functioning on some devices for a variety of reasons, such as uncleaned caches or third-party apps. Then the app might show a pop-up “com.sec.epdg has stopped” on your display. You may have to face this issue a couple of times. Try out the following fixes if the package isn’t operating as expected on your phone.

Try rebooting your phone

One of the simplest and least complicated ways to fix problems that seem random is to restart your device. The device loads all the necessary drivers and system files anew after restarting. This step might only be enough if your device’s com.sec.epdg has stopped.

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Try uninstalling recently installed apps

Malware from outside sources can occasionally interfere with the ePDG package and cause it to crash. If you recently installed an app, there’s a significant possibility that the app and the package are having an issue on your android phone. If you have only recently started encountering this issue, See if uninstalling recently installed apps fixes the issue.

Clear cache

If the temporary memory of com.sec.epdg becomes corrupt, clearing the cache can fix it. Go to settings. Then tap on apps. Tap the three vertical dots found in the top right corner. Go to show system apps. Tap com.sec.epdg and open storage. Finally, tap clear cache to clear the cache and any other stored data. The crashes might stop after you restart your phone.

Update your android operating system

A system upgrade frequently fixes any problems or issues in the operating system. Updating your phone’s OS error or problem with the current software version will solve all of these problems. To update your device, open your phone’s settings and scroll down to the system. Then Tap on Advanced. Tap on the System Updates. Any available updates will automatically begin downloading to your device. Wait until your device reboots and updates, download, and install.

Factory reset your mobile phone

If none of the previous tactics work, you can finally try this method. If you use this method, it will permanently delete all your data. Therefore, remember to back up your data before performing this method. First, Go to settings. Then tap the system option. Then go to advanced. From the shown options in it, tap the reset option. Then tap factory data reset. Tap the reset button. Finally, enter your password to reset your phone. Since you must wipe your system clean to get rid of whatever caused the issue, this is a harder fix than previous fixes. And it should fix your problem.

Flashing the Stock Firmware

Resetting your phone did not work either?

Do not worry; we still got you.

For example, between Windows 7 and 10, you can clearly see the differences and upgrades they have from the previous version. Android devices process their update in the same way. Manufacturers release new fixes or upgrades to the entire system and distribute them to the users. System upgrades are called firmware files. Updates usually come to your devices when they release the updates to your region. To access the previous firmware of your device, you need to visit the manufacturer’s website and flash the firmware to your phone.

The most recent firmware files and flashing software for your device model are needed to flash the stock firmware. To do this, get the stock firmware files, and flash the stock ROM using flash tools. But don’t risk it if you don’t know how. Visit a repair center near you to get it done.


Everyone who uses a mobile phone can benefit from the pre-installed Packet data gateway epdg app. You can use it to access WiFi and LTE networks for communications safely. Correcting com.sec.epdg system file issues are something you should do very carefully because they could permanently delete important files and data. You should try these if you are quite certain that there isn’t another reason why your device isn’t working.

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