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What Is Com.Android.Settings.Intelligence?


‘’ is an app you may have spotted on your phone. Have you ever been curious about it or how to remedy it?

The purpose of this app on your smartphone is explained in this post, and how it operates. So you can determine whether it’s worthwhile to maintain it. Continue reading to discover more about this enigmatic software!

What is Com.Android.Settings.Intelligence?

A system app called Com Android Settings Intelligence is pre-installed on many devices. Its purpose is still up for debate. However, others think it may be used to gather information on how users interact with their device’s settings.

The Android operating system might be enhanced with the use of this data. In addition, it offers to make adjustments depending on user behavior.

For instance, labor caused Silent Mode to activate automatically. Low battery life has forced the activation of power saver mode. Your phone establishes a wifi connection on its own.

Moreover, if you want to avoid the app having access to your device’s settings. After that, you may turn it off or remove it from your phone.

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What is the Function of Com.Android.Settings.Intelligence?

On your phone, there is an app called Com.Android.Settings.Intelligence that you may use to manage and alter your settings. Handling your wifi, Bluetooth, and mobile data settings is also included.

Additionally, it aids in tracking battery consumption and may assist in performance-enhancing gadget optimization.

It also sends alerts when it’s time for device updates and which applications use the most juice. Additionally, you may stop signs in the “Do Not Disturb” mode while still being able to receive calls and messages.

What Advantages Come with Com Android Settings Intelligence?

A system program like and com samsung android Knox attestation is The intelligence Android app details your Android settings and how to modify them to fit your requirements better.

The software improves the performance of your Android handset. 

  1. Faster loading times and improved performance may be achieved with Additionally, it aids in identifying problems that can affect your device’s functionality.
  2. Customization: The app allows you to change settings for the battery life, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and screen brightness. Other elements, icons, widgets, and home screen designs are also customizable.
  3. Security: You can better guard your smartphone from harmful applications and content by using Com Android Settings Intelligence. The app will notify you when a possible issue is found and suggest actions to protect your device against threats and malware.
  4. Usefulness: The software is designed to be simple for users of all skill levels. Its suggestions are based on the requirements of each user, and its user interface has been tuned for simplicity.

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Is uninstallable?

No, while you are using stock Android it is not advised to remove or Refrain from being duped by your original assumption that it was a virus. This essential system application makes sure that your phone operates appropriately.

Bloatware, spyware, malware, or viruses are not what it is. Therefore, there is no need to delete it from your Android device. But if you don’t like it or have issues with Com Android Settings Intelligence. It’s simple to remove. Just adhere to these easy steps:

  • Track down the Settings.
  • Choose Manage Applications or Apps.
  • App Com Android Settings Intelligence may be found there.
  • Select the Disable or Uninstall option.
  • Click “OK” to confirm.

After Com Android Settings Intelligence has been removed, your phone can no longer install it.

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“Unfortunately, has stopped.” How to FIX it?

When a bug affects the Settings Intelligence feature. An error notice with the subject “Process stopped unexpectedly” may appear. There are several causes for it to act out. However, I’ve included a few solutions below.

1. Start your device again.

You can resolve the problem by rebooting your Android device if you’re savvy enough. This mistake is typical, and it’s simple to fix.

Pressing and holding the Power on\off button will allow you to accomplish that.

When the popup box displays, choose “Restart” and then click “OK” to proceed.

Check whether the issue has been fixed by opening the Settings menu. Continue to the following step if the problem doesn’t go away.

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2. Delete cache on Android

Suppose the com. Android.settings.intelligence error is still appearing on your Android smartphone. Additionally, your device’s cache can be complete if you encounter errors and problems that weren’t present before.

Increase efficiency and resolve many bugs and problems with Android by clearing your cache. On Android, there are two methods to clean your cache:

A third-party app or the Settings app.

How to use the Settings app:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Select “Storage.”
  • Then, choose “Internal Storage.”
  • Select “Cached data.”
  • To confirm, press “OK”.

It would help if you remembered that several manufacturers’ and models’ methods for deleting the Android cache exist.

Using an external app

  • Install one of the cache-clearing applications available from the Google Play Store, such as CCleaner or Clean Master.
  • To clear your cache, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

3. Factory RESET

However, the Android system intelligence is still giving you trouble. Try another time-tested fix, such as a factory reset.

This approach will reset the device’s factory settings and erase all of its data before doing an Android reset. Any data and files you don’t want to lose should be backed up.

To completely back up your smartphone, you may use Android’s built-in backup function or a third-party program like Titanium Backup.

After backing up your data, reset your Android smartphone by following these instructions:

  • Track down the settings.
  • Visit about phones.
  • On the bottom, choose Factory Reset.
  • Choose to delete all data.
  • Press Factory Reset.

4. Utilize repair software.

You might utilize Android repair tools as opposed to factory reset. These are almost identical, except specific recovery applications are more effective at fixing software faults. Some of my favorite options listed below.


  • Check out the DroidKit website.
  • Click the Download button on the screen.
  • Connect your phone to the desktop USB port.
  • The tool will make available.
  • Choose the Fix system option.
  • To enter Download Mode, adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • Install the shown firmware package.

Tool for Android Repair

The Android Repair Tool needs to better known among Android users. I’ll admit that I didn’t until lately, either. However, it can resolve even the most challenging issues.

What you must do is as follows:

  • Visit the recovery tool’s website.
  • Click the Download button on the screen.
  • Connect the USB port on your workstation to your Android phone.
  • Launch the program after it installed.
  • Select “System Repair” from the menu.
  • The downloading mode.
  • Get the file now.
  • Fix your gadget.

Suppose the repair equipment is operating slowly. Move closer to your router or activate your mobile hotspot instead.

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A package called makes sure your phone operates correctly. Numerous helpful functions include data consumption monitoring, intelligent app recommendations, battery optimization, and automatic Wi-Fi connection. Restarting your device will solve this problem if it still has an error. Try removing the cache on your smartphone if that doesn’t work.

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