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Why would a text message not be delivered? -Here are the top 15 reasons behind!

text message not be delivered

Imagine you are in a dire situation or in need of immediate assistance. But your message is not delivering. You might be flustered and at the same time may be worried about the reason behind this. On the other hand, without reaching anyone or spending your money, you can fix this by yourself. Now before fixing this problem let us find out why would a text message not be delivered. To be exact there may be countless reasons that lead to this scenario.

15 Top reasons behind the issue, messages not delivering-Why would a text message not be delivered?

1. The mobile is off or out of reach of the carrier.

message not delivered

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Of course, it is possible that messages will not be delivered based on the receiver. For instance, imagine the receiver’s phone has died or he might be in a place that has no signals. However, you can be worry-free. The reason is that if a message was not delivered, it will be automatically tried to be delivered again even though you may not know it.

Hence when the receiver switches on the phone or he or she comes to a place where there are signals, the service provider will send your messages again. At the same time, the mobile will attempt to send the messages for about 6 hours. If within these 6 hours, the attempts are not successful then it will seem as failed.

2. Receiving Delivery reports (DLR)

Receiving Delivery reports from carriers or operators is essential when sending SMS messages. Then you might be concern about why does my message not say delivered. This occurred when the sender is not informed of the delivery and it is marked as ‘Failed’ when the operator fails to reply with the correct receipt.

Furthermore, if you travel to countries such as the USA and Canada you will never receive a delivery report as it is designed like that. Therefore you will never receive any delivery reports at all.

3. The phone number is on the move (abroad)

Imagine you are sending a message to a friend who is travelling on her way to another country. Since the person you are messaging is not within his or her home country, the messages will not be delivered. In other words, in such situations, we cannot guarantee delivery to roaming numbers.

4. Lack of permission

Some countries or operators are stopping those senders or A2P messaging platforms from running. In Japan, for example, it is not allowed to sending A2P SMS messages from standard phone numbers.

On the other hand, in Finland, they will block messages from alphanumeric senders such as “CarService1” and “BestHotel.”

5. The carrier has blocked SMS.

Operators sometimes block such SMS routes. This necessitates SMS services re-routing the message to a different working path, which may result in temporary distribution issues.

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6. Local laws and rules limit SMS messages.

You might find these unbelievable however this happened in real life. To be exact there are some regulations that have restrictions relating to messages. For instance, marketing messages can be sent only during workdays from 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

7. The number is likely on the Do Not Disturb list.

Operators in certain countries have a list where handset owners can manually add their numbers so that no messages from an A2P connection enter their numbers. SMS messages may disable within the setting of Handset.

8. There may be conflicts between various applications that receive SMS messages in some cases.

Due to their SMS reception, the capability is off; one or more of the applications cannot receive messages. Additionally, after a competing application has been disabled, the default application can remain in the place of not receiving messages.

9. Incompatible SMS systems

Another reason for messages not delivering is that different applications may have already received the message. There will be conflict between and the messages may not be received by the handset. Therefore the message is not able to be delivered to either of them, resulting in a failed message.

10. Technical problems have arisen for the carrier.

why does my message not say delivered

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Another reason for this is the technical problems. Usually there may be technical problems usually relating to the hardware or in relation to the carrier. In such occasions the messages will not be delivered.

11. Wrong Numbers – Why would a text message not be delivered?

The most popular explanation for the delivery failure of messages is this. If you send a text message to an invalid number, it will not send. Instead, you will receive a response from your phone provider telling you that the number you entered was invalid, similar to when you enter an incorrect email address.

There may be several explanations for this. All messages sent to U.S. telephones, for example, must begin with the country prefix “1”; if the international country prefix is not included, sending the message is impossible.

12. Sending SMS to landlines

Another thing is you cannot send any messages to landlines. To be exact, you can send the messages but landlines will not receive any messages. Hence the messages will be failed and not delivered.

13. Filter systems

Similar with email filters some phones have inbuilt filtering mechanisms. Then certain messages will be blocked. For instance, some filters separate A2P and P2P communications in order to block certain unwanted messages.

14. Factors Affecting Route

The routing of SMS messages can have a huge effect on the transmission of text messages. Although the majority of SMS messages may be sent directly to the required phone numbers, this is not always the case. Some SMS messages may send to a network provider who does not allow the delivery of messages. If that network provider does not provide automatic rerouting services, the message will never deliver. Even though most U.S. telecom companies collaborate to route SMS messages, this condition can still happen.

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15. Invalid encoding

SMS encoding defines the maximum number of characters that include in a message. Messages are usually sent using Unicode, which has a character limit of 70, or GSM 3.38, a global norm with a character limit of 160.

Unicode is the standard encoding form for SMS messages in the United States. When sending messages using GSM 3.38, they may be mangled or unreadable, and some carriers may fail to send them at all. Ensure that your SMS messaging provider or carrier in the United States uses Unicode to prevent SMS delivery failure.

Wrapping up…

Why would a text message not be delivered? It is pretty hard to state a single exact reason at once at all!

By referring to the above piece of writing, now you see that there are numerous reasons behind this issue.

We firmly believe that this list may help to clarify items and, in some cases, avoid undelivered messages.

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