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IoT Hidden Menu – The Master Blaster of Back Door Operations of Android Mobile Operating System!

IoT Hidden Menu

Hey readers, welcome back to another interesting discussion on one of the top queries you have about the applications and behaviour of your android phones. We are so excited to share the facts about the IoT Hidden menu on your android phone.

As we all know, the Android system is one of the most powerful mobile operating systems on the market today. It is the most vital system so far, and this system operates almost all the phones that we use today. So the role it plays in the mobile and communications sector is enormous. 

From the day the first Android version was released, it faced many developments and changes, making it more confusing and exciting. If you think this is exciting, it allows users to enjoy many things that are not possible on regular phones. Why we say it is confusing is because of the numerous system applications. It makes users think about what they are. These include iothiddenmenu application as well.  

What is iothiddenmenu?

As in almost all aspects, android phones have back door operations. It is not easy to access the internal details of the phone’s operating system. You need to get to it through a set of secret codes. If you are a techno maniac, you are surely capable of getting to know the group of secret codes to unlock these unknown or hidden settings in your phone.

Apart from the above facts, it also enables data processing and analytics to the real world of physical objects through the power of internet connectivity. Also, most users can communicate with the information network worldwide. The surprising fact is that this is possible without using an intervening keyboard and screen. It means that many daily objects can take the instructions from this network with minor human assistance and intervention.

IoT Hidden Menu is a private setting that appears when dialling a specific code on your Android phone. From the start of the Android system, these types of hidden options, also known as easter eggs, have been part of the Operating System. We, the users, tend to explore them by performing a set of actions on particular marks. They are, in simple terms, called the secret codes. The reason for having these secret codes, as we see, is to make use whenever you need them.

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What are the features of IoT? -Before discussing IoT hidden menu in detail…

Before anything else, do you know what this IoT means? Or for what these IoT, the three letters stand for?

Well, here is the answer!

IoT means the “Internet of Things”. And it means the wide variety of devices interconnected as a network to share and exchange data over the internet. It enables data processing and analysis.

Now back to the topic- let us see the key features of this IoT is?

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Below is a simple list of standard features in the IoT. All these are readily available on all the latest Samsung Andriod phones. 

Red, Green, Blue 

Internet of Things

You will see these three options in the top row when you go to the menu. These are used for checking whether the display functions properly with the correct colours. When you click on any of them, your phone’s display will get completely covered with that colour. If there is any issue, you will figure it out at this point.


This function on your Android phone allows you to send or receive Android system or application information. If you get an unknown sound on your earpiece when you click on it, it assures that your sound system is working correctly.


If you need to check on the vibration option on your phone, this is the setting for it.

Mega Cam


You can turn on the back camera with real HDR auto flash on by accessing this. It helps you to test the rear camera’s performance.

Grip sensor

It is where your phone identifies your physical tough. To see if it is working well, all you need to do is hold your phone. You need to tap on it and keep your phone on hand to check if your Grip sensor is working okay.


If you are pretty eager to know more about your phone’s data, this option is the best. It will give you all the unedited data about all the sensors on your phone with their stats every second. It also provides visual graphs of accelerometer sensors as well as image tests. If you need to check the image quality of your phone, they will show you a picture of a dog in the image test.


This option is for testing the display touch of your phone. You will get a large set of boxes on your display that will turn green when you touch them. When you touch those boxes, it will highlight your finger’s movement with a black line on the screen.


IoT Hidden Menu

This option tests the speakers of your Android phone. You will hear a beautiful song that you must have never heard before. 

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Sub Key

This helps you check whether your phone buttons are working fine. For example, Volume up, Volume down and Power key button function. The phone will initially show a black colour screen and change upon taping buttons. If screen colour changes upon clicking a button, the key is in good working condition.

Front Cam

This option will let you test the performance of your phone’s front camera. When you click on it, the front camera will open with HDR Auto and flash ON (If your phone has it). You can take a selfie to get the test results confirmed.


If you think that the black colour’s appearance is not usual, you can run this test to check.


This option lets you know the essential information about your phone model and other hardware details that aren’t very interesting or useful.

So these are the facts that you can check with the IoT application. But we need to keep one in mind. To operate these code related actions, we have to have that relevant knowledge of them. It will assure the protection of the phone and will avoid any mishaps.

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How to Unlock the IoT Hidden Menu?

Now dear readers, we know much about the application and what its key features are. But do you know how to unlock it and use the functions? We are sure you are not. So here we are with some helpful information on how we can open and use this unique feature.

Remember that this process is only applicable to Android devices as they already have the menu. But if you do not have it, you can follow the below steps to unlock it.

To unlock System UI Turner on your phone, follow the below steps:

  1.  First, unlock your phone, swipe down the notification bar, and access device Settings.
  2.  If you do not have the shortcut, you can go to Settings directly.
  3.  Open the System UI Tuner and click on OK or Got It.
  4.  When this is done, you can now customize your phone and display your phone battery on the screen. It also allows you to modify your Volume button and use it for Do Not Disturb.
  5.  If you do everything right following the prompt displayed on the screen, you will get a buzz that notifies you have installed System UI Tuner on your phone.

Also, dear reader, there are two methods if you need to enable the hidden menu app, which is already on the phone: one long and one short. We have mentioned both the methods below for your convenience.

If you do not have this app on your phone, you can use this method to install the menu on your phone. But make a note that you need to cross-check first to assure if the settings are not disabled as follows:

  •  Tap on the Settings and search System UI Tuner or iothiddenmenu. It depends on the model of the phone.
  •  If available, click on the three vertical dots on the right corner.
  •  Tap on Remove Settings.

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If the actions do not resolve the problem, use this long method:

  1.  If you are using any customized screen launchers, you need to go to the Home Screen.
  2.  Long-press on a space.
  3.  select Shortcuts from the menu displayed and add them to the home screen.
  4.  You can select Pick Your Activity, then Activities.
  5.  Once you click on Activities, a black screen will appear. Scroll down to see the Hidden Menu. What you need will appear as com—Android. Hidden menu on some devices.
  6.  different settings will be displayed when you tap on the menu on the screen. And you are free to carry on any task as you wish.

There is also a code-based system to access the above application. Below is a detailed description for your reference.

Did you know that you can access the secret menu on your phone by entering a unique MMI Codes code on the dialler? 

These codes are different from phone to phone. 

However, we thought to share the available codes that you can use:

IoT hidden Menu On Android

  •    *#0228#helps you to check the battery status.
  •    **05***#allows you to unlock PUK Code. It would be best if you only used it on the emergency dial.
  •    *#03#checks the serial number of NAND.
  •    *#3282*727336*#to check the status of data usage.
  •    *#9090#for Diagnostic configuration.
  •    *#*#4636#*#*to check information related to phone, battery, data, and more.
  •    *#06#checks the phone’s IMEI number to track if your phone is misplaced or lost. 
  •    *#7780#to reset the phone.

After customizing your phone, you can double-click the back button to exit the hidden menu. You can typically operate your device after executing the changes without any issue. Also, the good thing is that you can still explore other additional features and customize your phone accordingly.

FAQs about IoT hidden Menu On Android

What Does **4636** Mean?

A secret built-in code in Android phones is to find out information about smartphones, usage, and battery.

How can I open the hidden menu in IoT?

Type *#0*# on your dialler; you can get direct access to your IoT’s hidden menu. Also, check on using the above codes and cross-check.

What do you mean by the hidden menu on an Android phone?

It is a private setting developed in Android devices. It helps you customize your smartphone, and the actions are truly unique.

You can do much excellent stuff like modifying the interface, status bar, notification menu, etc.

So, in conclusion, now we all know what an IoT hidden menu is. You make your phone better through this. Also, we shared how to find the app on your phone or install it and test its features. And having this means that your experience with your phone will turn out to be much better. And we also shared some codes that you can use for different tasks. I hope you are satisfied with the information shared. Don’t waste any more time! Check on your IoT and make your phone perform better!


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