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How to Make a Rainbow Battery? in 2024!

How to Make a Rainbow Battery

On your smartphone, many of you prefer a rainbow battery indication. Others of you could be exposed to this idea for the first time. It would help if you weren’t shocked; however, given that we live in a rapidly advancing technology, you may customize your smartphone apps. In light of this, we want to demonstrate “how to make a rainbow battery” in this post.

How to Make an iPhone Rainbow Battery?

Every smartphone user appreciates having a battery icon in the status bar of their device. The iPhone users are also. This icon lets you know how much battery life is left so you can estimate how long you can use your iPhone before recharging. As a result, the battery icon’s colors adjust following the current state of your Battery.

Additionally, the shift in hue is not caused only by the Battery’s charge level. It also depends on how your display appears. To change this color on your iPhone, we will demonstrate how to do so. But keep in mind that your color options are limited. Additionally, a few of those hues will only be accessible under certain conditions.

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How to Change Battery Color on iPhone?

You must first be aware of the colors your battery icon may have. Additionally, you may choose between white and black, depending on how your iPhone display looks. Additionally, when the battery % on your iPhone is dangerously low, red flashes on the battery icon. When you put the iPhone into charging, the symbol also turns green. But that’s not all.

Additionally, there is a yellow battery symbol. And once the electricity is in the low mode, you will see that. Additionally, your iPhone can display hues like blue and purple with a few tweaks.

Black and White iPhone Battery Icon

It’s convenient to have a color-changing battery icon on your iPhone. We are not fortunate to have features like that, however. We must thus continue with what we currently have.

Your iPhone’s battery symbol often comes in either white or black. A red battery symbol will appear if the Battery on your phone is severely low.

According to your display mode, this battery symbol in white and black shows. For instance, the battery symbol appears dark if light mode is activated. The battery symbol will also be white if the device is in dark mode. In light of this, you may choose between the two hues of black and white by altering the display mode.

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iPhone Battery Color Change, Turning Red Into Green

When the Battery is almost empty, the battery symbol will turn red. Therefore, you know the red battery indication is a bad omen. Additionally, it would be beneficial if you intentionally avoided this battery situation. The reason is that having your phone’s Battery reach this level is bad for it.

The battery symbol on your iPhone might also change to green. So, if you have charged your phone, you will see this hue. Furthermore, the battery symbol uses a variety of colors. The lightning icon that appears on most phone models will appear.

yellow iPhone battery

When you consider how to create a rainbow battery, you could have considered the color yellow. When you switch on an iPhone’s Low Mode for power, yellow will appear. Allowing the rest of the device to operate in power-saving mode seeks to prolong the life of your iPhone’s Battery. Consequently, you are aware of what the color yellow denotes.

How to Make an iPhone’s Yellow Battery Icon

  1. Go to Settings on your phone first.
  2. Then select Battery.
  3. Select Lower Power Mode next.

Remember that even while charging the phone, the battery symbol will remain yellow if you have activated this option. Therefore, don’t be alarmed if you see yellow rather than green.

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Change iPhone Battery – How to Make a Rainbow Battery?

iPhone battery indicator changes colors to blue and purple.

You can obtain a couple more color options besides the ones we covered above. It would help if you made some modifications as a result. As a result, iPhones include a function called Classic Invert. You may thus reverse all of your display colors if you utilize this. With this function, you may quickly transition between different display modes, such as Dark Mode, to White and vice versa.

Just follow the instructions below to make your iPhone’s battery indicator blue.

  1. Navigate to Settings, then choose Battery. Choose “Low Power Mode”
  2. Toggle Accessibility.
  3. Click Text Size and Display.
  4. The Classic Invert option

To make your iPhone’s battery indicator purple, follow the instructions below.

  1. Initially, attach the iPhone to the charger.
  2. Visit the Setting application next.
  3. Toggle Accessibility.
  4. Click Text Size and Display.
  5. The Classic Invert option

Making a Rainbow Battery- How to Make a Rainbow Battery?

Tech experts in the industry have finally discovered something new after conducting several trials. Yellow, blue, green, and purple are some hues the battery symbol may take on. The only common colors that everyone knew were black and white. This discovery is thus crucial for creating a rainbow battery.

As a result, when the Battery is completely charged, the status symbol will turn green. The symbol, however, turns red or yellow if the battery level isn’t enough.

Here are the instructions for creating a rainbow battery.

  1. Open Safari on your Apple phone first. Web browser Safari is used.
  2. Next, install the “Cydia” software. To do this, choose “Cydia Download.”
  3. Installing this software is the following procedure. Could you wait for it to finish downloading?
  4. You may launch the Cydia app on your iPhone if the installation is complete.
  5. Then, enter rainbow battery or colorful Battery into the search field. Then, choose Search.
  6. Then, a free customized feature known as a colorful or rainbow battery will appear.
  7. Select a multicolored or rainbow battery from the Settings menu.
  8. Then, choose Themes and Enabled, respectively.
  9. Finally, you may create a Rainbow battery using the “colorful” option.

Conclusion-How to Make a Rainbow Battery?

Users of iPhones may enjoy several intriguing features. As a result, iPhone owners constantly attempt to alter the phone’s aesthetics and other functions. However, Apple has severely restricted several functionalities. It would help if you kept much of it to suit your requirements. One such function with certain restrictions is the ability to alter the color of the battery icon.

So, we’ve included instructions for making a rainbow battery in this article. You now know that the color options for the battery symbol on iPhones are quite restricted.

FAQs- How to Make a Rainbow Battery!

Why does my iPhone’s battery icon change to a yellow color?

When you turn on your iPhone’s “low power mode,” the battery symbol becomes yellow. Allowing the rest of the device to operate in power-saving mode seeks to prolong the life of your iPhone’s Battery.

Why is the pink battery icon on my phone?

A marking on certain smartphone batteries reads “moisture indication.” You can determine if your Battery has come into touch with water from this. As a result, the battery symbol turns pink or red whenever it comes into contact with water.

Why does the color of my battery icon change from green to White?

The Battery may have changed color due to the color of your home screen. When you alter the backdrop texture, this color changes.

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