CQATest App will make your smartphone lasts longer!

Our mobile phones have become the most essential equipment in our day-to-day life. We depend on its ability to do so much work for us including ordering our meals to pay our bills, other than the basic things we need a mobile phone for. That is why if our mobile phones abruptly stopped working, we are in big trouble. The best thing to do to prevent your mobile phone from malfunctioning on your busy day is to be aware that it functions properly and take measures when it is not. This is where the CQATest App comes in. It will help you maintain your mobile phone with high quality.

What is CQATest App on Android phones?

The name CQATest stands for Certified Quality Auditor. It is a quality monitoring app. As you have already guessed, it is a mobile app that ascertains the performance of your mobile phone.  When it comes to the CQATest app Android and Motorola smartphones manufacturers are famous for using this app. This app can be found on your Android and Motorola devices. Before we go deep into what CQATest can do, basically the application runs performance tests on your phone from time to time and diagnoses any weaknesses, viruses, glitches, strengths, and any other issue or out-of-the-ordinary performances. 

It also displays IMEI number, HTTP client Test, Data Sent, Signal Strength, and other next-level information about your device.

How the CQATest appears on my device?

This application comes as a system application on some smartphone models. It is a hidden application that is not entirely disclosed to the users of the phone, so you cannot find it among your other normal apps. You might see it if it is running and diagnosed an issue in your phone. Other than that, you can find the CQATest application in your system applications menu.

Even though normally the CQATest app comes as a built-in app with your mobile phone, you can download the latest version of the CQATest app to your Motorola device. 

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What does this app do on my phone?

The CQATest application occasionally runs diagnoses on the functions and status of your device and the status of your other applications. Sometimes a certain model of the smartphone might not correctly support a certain application. CQATest gathers this type of information and sends a report to the creator of your mobile phone.

Now, you might be worried about the fact that the creator of your mobile phone can access your device.  But you do not have to worry because all the reports CQATest sends exclude the personal details. Also, you can see the “Terms and Services” on your smartphone agreement to see more about this data exchange.

Most of the time, this application is hidden, indicating that your smartphone is running smoothly. But if you can see the CQATest application running on your application gallery, there might be something wrong with your device. You can implement a system reboot for that.

Many mobile development companies exploit the abilities of this application to build more and more sophisticated devices by identifying the performance glitches on mobile devices, especially Android. This way, they can build devices that run smoother and better.

How to fix the problems that appear on my phone when the CQATest App is running?

CQATest usually tests and diagnoses issues of the external components of your smart device. As an example, these components can be your loudspeaker, microphone, touch screen, flasher, etc. When the CQATest app is running in the background of your mobile phone, the phone tends to slow down the speed and performance. If the CQATest app has problems, it shows an error message saying “CQA test comm server has started.” If your device is a Motorola, there can be seen some other issues like the phone automatically switching to airplane mode, not showing some functions like battery percentage, etc. 

Usually, the CQATest app should not give your device any trouble because It is a background app. But rarely these above-mentioned problems can occur on your device because of the CQATest app. Other than them here is a list of problems that can be caused by the CQATest application.

  • Preferences and personal settings getting changed.
  • The lock screen does not work properly or does not show up.
  • Notifications do not work properly or they get muted.
  • The camera starts to malfunction or does not open at all.
  • Some of the apps do not respond.
  • Cannot use the Factory Reset option
  • Screen malfunctions and the touch screen does not work properly.

If this becomes a nuisance, you can turn off the CQATest application from your phone.

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How to turn off the CQATest application from my phone or resolve the issues caused by the CQATest app?

You have to follow these simple steps to resolve the problems caused by the CQATest app on your smartphone. There are many ways to do this.

The first method is to go to the ‘Settings’ in your phone and go to ‘Apps.’ Choose ‘Show System Processes’ from the menu that comes when you press the three dots at the top of the screen. There you can see the CQATest application. You can choose the ‘Force Stop’, ‘Disable’, or ‘Force Uninstall’ button. You can also try clearing cache to solve the issues. If these steps do not solve your problems, you can try the second method.

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You can try removing and reinserting the SIM card from your phone. Many users have stated that this method is an effective way to resolve issues on the CQATest app.

Another method is to hard reset or hard reset your smartphone. 

Resetting my mobile phone

To factory reset your smartphone, go to the ‘Settings’ in your smartphone and choose ‘Backup and Reset.’ There you will get the option ‘Factory Data Reset.’ Hit this button. Remember that when you choose this option, all your data will be permanently erased along with your mobile settings because this method reset your phone to the state where it was when it just came out of the factory. If you need to protect your data, you can back up the system data into an external device.

Hard reset is a little bit complicated than the factory reset. It has some additional steps. However, you have to back up your data into an external device if you are following this method too. First, turn off your mobile phone. Then, press and hold the volume down button and the power button. You have to keep these buttons pressed until the phone starts booting. You might feel a little vibration when the process starts. 

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Then you will get the bootloader menu. You can use the volume buttons to go up and down, and the power button to choose an option. From the list, choose the Recovery Mode option. Then choose the Wipe data/Factory reset option from the list that appears next. This will restore your device.

Motorola G4s users will have to do the extra steps of shutting down their phone and restarting it after the device display the message ‘Try power cycling a device.’

How to run the CQA Test on my Android device?

Before running the CQATest Android device should be checked to see if the app is already running on your phone. You can go to your application gallery and see if it is running. If not, your Android CQATest can be run using the following steps. 

You can access and open the CQATest app by pressing *#*#2486#*#* from your keypad. If that does not display the CQATest app menu, try the code *#*#4636#*#*. Now you can perform the test on different components on your device. There will be four options on display after you use the command mentioned above. They are CQA Menu Mode, Sequence Mode, Model Assembly Mode, and MMI test. CQA Menu Mode is very useful and easier to use to seek issues on your mobile. So choose that option from the list.

 After choosing this option, you will get a list of components in your mobile phone including Applications, Audio, Batter, Bluetooth, Camera, Display, GDrive Validate, Headset, Key, LED, Sensor, and any other component in your mobile phone. You can test each and every one of these components individually. 

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How does the CQATest app diagnose problems in these components?

When you choose a component, the CQA Test Android app will allow you to test all the parts that are relevant for that component and diagnose if there is a problem.

As an example, if you choose the Audio component, all the parts that are connected to the audio component, like Audio tone, Ear speaker, Loud Speaker, MIC loopback will be displayed. You can choose any item from this list and run a CQATest on it. If you choose the Loud Speaker, the CQATest app will play an audio clip and see if the Loud Speaker is working properly.

In this way, you can test all the parts and components of your mobile phone and find out if there are any issues with your phone. 

After you finish running the CQATest, you will get a detailed report of your smartphone including details like sensors or hardware issues.

CQATest is designed to help you maintain the quality and standard of your phone and help you identify any issue that can occur in your phone. As we mentioned earlier, it will help us use our mobile phones for a long time without having to replace them.

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