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What is – A Detailed Overview

What is

Your android phone uses many processes in the background to make your phone work smoothly and flawlessly. If you check your system apps in settings, you will be surprised how much work your device does inside it for you. There are services and daemons run in your phone to make it work just when you unlock it. So, here we are going to unveil the insights about the in detail.

Here’s the deal:

Meaning of services, daemons, and in your device

Services use your phone’s graphical user interface, which displays your android system’s visual components and shows information or takes inputs from time to time. Deamon runs in the background and responds when an app wants it. This unique daemon app/android.daemonapp runs only on Samsung devices. Also, the SEC abbreviation in the package name stands for Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Samsung develops it.

How it works

It connects data received from various servers, and the particular apps show that data. Apps like weather, news, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Finance used com sec android daemonapp to continually retrieve updated information from their servers and present it to you since developing technology in Samsung devices in the early days.

Is this app safe to use?

This daemon app on your Samsung android device does not use your data or invade your privacy. It runs in the background and uses mobile data when apps want to use it. The name might make you quite suspicious, but don’t worry; this is a legitimate app by Samsung. So, it is safe to use.

How much mobile data does this daemon app use?

Depending on how much data it uses to run in the background, the consumption of mobile data that this app needs will change. The application receives data used by all the other applications it interacts with from background processes. It uses fewer background data the less frequently you use these apps. Even if you use those apps frequently, they won’t consume much of your cellular data plan. Therefore, you need not worry about that.

Tip to reduce data usage from

Try this approach if you still want to reduce the data this app uses in the background. Go to your settings app. Search data usage and select it. Scroll through the apps list and select “Unified Daemon” when you see it. When you see “Unified Daemon” in the list of programs, scroll down and choose it. A checkbox with “Restrict background data” next to it should be available. Click to turn it on. Click ‘Ok’ if you get a warning. Now, unless the app is open, your phone will not be able to consume data in the background.

Should you uninstall it?

When most people discover this app on their phones, they search the internet, com sec android daemonapp, and how to uninstall it. We saw above that this is a harmless app developed by the Samsung phone manufacturer. Because of that guarantee, there is no need to uninstall or disable it. Apps like the S Planner, Desk Clock, Finance, and Yahoo News which use this android.daemonapp can be affected if you uninstall or disable it. Apps might not work properly or stop working at all.

How can you disable it?

Do you still want to disable the daemon app even though all the apps and services will stop on your android device? Then follow the steps given. Go to the settings app on your Samsung device. Go t the application manager. Then find the ‘Unified Daemon’ app by scrolling down the list. Tap the app to open its settings. After, tap on the ‘disable’ button to disable it. has stopped issue

Your Samsung smartphone may frequently display the “Unfortunately, has stopped” error, and you may have been bothered by it many times. To resolve this, you can force the daemon app to close and then clear the app’s data. You can try the given method to do it. Go to the settings app on your Samsung device. Select the application manager. Then find the ‘Unified Daemon’ app by scrolling down the list. Tap on app or Unified Daemon. Tap the “Force Stop” button and tap on ‘ok’ if you get a warning. After forcing the program to close, select ‘Clear Data’ to delete the cache and other app data.

Bear in mind that if it does not work, you might have to disable the app or perform a factory reset on your smartphone.


Now, you can understand how Samsung used com sec android daemonapp to support apps like clock, news, widgets, and weather. To update real-time data via mobile or wifi data, the app functions as a supporting agent for the apps. It is a safe and legitimate app, and you could encounter errors if is deleted or disabled on your android device. So, it is best to avoid doing it. But yet, you can reduce its background mobile data usage, as in the article.


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