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Apps is it? – All the insights you need to know!

Thousands of Android users are confused as to the or applications. By the time you have finished reading this post, you will know what this app does, why it is on your mobile, and we will have debunked the most common misconception about its connection to cheating partners.

Samsung is a global leader in the cell phone industry. Samsung’s latest cell phones come with a range of features. When you turn on your cell phone, this service starts automatically. The incallui app, which is used by Samsung mobiles, is discussed here. 

Almost all mobile phones have different features and use a naming convention such as com.companyname>>.android.servicename>>. The interface between your dialer and device is provided by When you dial one digit in the dialer, the machine knows that you have dialed one digit.

What is com android incallui?

You are probably curious about how to get rid of

So, we are here to talk about com samsung android incallui.

We will go over some of the important details about why and how it’s used. You may also use incallui to see if anyone is spying on you. We do not even realize how intelligent the applications are in our day-to-day lives.

It is the incallui that appears on your phone when you’re on the phone with someone. To put it another way, it’s a call screen with all of the options. Keeping a call, muting it, hanging up the phone, and putting another person on the line are all choices. These options can be found in the incallui, which is also known as the “in-call-interface.”


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To see the options available, open the com samsung android incallui, as you would with any other app. In the same way, when you push the call button, incallui starts up without your knowledge. When it comes to smartphones, Samsung is the undisputed world champion. It has always been this way since the beginning of the smartphone era. Samsung was still in the hands of someone.

Samsung also released its “OneUI” user interface for its smartphones on December 28, 2018. OneUI is a overlay skin that can be added to Android devices. Samsung smartphones get some extra features thanks to OneUI. The com.Samsung.Android.incallui is one of the OneUI’s features. You will see incallui if you make a phone call.

The incallui is made up of a call screen with which you can communicate and which displays your caller ID. Then there are the standard choices that appear after you pick up the phone. Both of these are used in incallui.

What is the purpose of android incallui?

Android incallui makes taking calls and identifying who is calling easy. It also provides you with a number of choices that will make your life simpler and smarter. For example, adjusting the volume level, the ability to record calls, the ability to mute a call, the ability to access a notepad from the UI, and so on. In today’s smartphone environment, we take certain features for granted, such as the screen locking when it hits your face when on a call. Then you won’t have issues like accidentally opening several applications, hanging, or muting the call. Consider the difficulties you would face if these features were not present.

What are the com samsung android incallui features?

Some of the features or applications of the incallui app that we use on a daily basis are mentioned below. This is only an outline, as the features vary depending on the model. 

  • Call recording
  • placing the call on hold, conference/group calls, silent the call
  • disabling the screen so that your face doesn’t open random apps when you’re on the phone with anyone
  • disconnecting the call
  • using the home button to open other functions
  • Sending messages when on the phone with someone or when getting a call-request, using the inbuilt notes
  • Saving any number are all features of incallui.

Android incallui

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Permanently stop the incallui app

There is no way to get rid of incallui from your device. However you can temporary put a stop to the incallui. It can never fully stop; it can only be set to run in the background. In addition, it will trigger as soon as you receive a call. The method is as follows:

  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Then go to Apps and search for phone in all of them.
  • Look for com samsung android incallui after that.
  • Then tap the three dots and check for it, then pick “Show machine apps” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then navigate to the system apps section.

com android incallui

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  • After that, open one of these and wipe out the store in each one.

  • After the incallui app has been deactivated. The following items will appear on your display after that.
  • To put the phone on hold.
  • Even, to make a call recording.
  • Then hang up.
  • To muted the call.
  • By pressing the home button, you can then access other features.

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How to fix com android incallui if it is not working?

The error com samsung android incallui not working appears from time to time. Alternatively, the caller ID could be down. However the issue can solve. Here is how to solve the issue:

  • To begin, go to the settings.
  • Then go to settings and pick applications.
  • Look for “incallUI” in the apps.
  • The choices will appear after you tap on it.
  • Then press the clear cache button.
  • If clearing the cache does not resolve the issue, try restarting your phone and checking for software updates in Settings > About Phone > Software > Check For Updates.
  • If nothing else works, Drupe or Google Phone can be downloaded and installed. Both are excellent calling apps, and by using them, you can prevent the “IncallUi has stopped” message.


Is it okay to delete the incallui APP?

Of course, you should not delete it, as it is important. If you delete it then you mobile have to create it again by its own or search it again through online platforms. This will make your whole procedure in the phone will become slower than usual. In addition, it will help you to sending message to the caller, redialing, to save notes, recording and many other options.  Therefore since it allows these many features, it is better to keep incallui app in the phone. To be accurate it is a file which is in your files directory.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to remove

The simple response is no, you cannot disable the service because it is a built-in Samsung cell phone service that prevents you from accessing the dial screen if you do so.

Some people even wonder if is running in the background, and if so, can someone hack calls using this service?

No, incallui app is only used to provide an in-call user interface from which you can send commands to the computer when you touch the screen, and this service runs in the background of your phone. It has nothing to do with eavesdropping on calls or hacking phones. People assume this misconception is true. Now you know that it is false, there is no need to uninstall incallui app. Therefore, your privacy will be not impact because of incallui app. 

What is Com.Samsung.Android.Incallui, and how does it work?

The device app controls the UI when you’re on the phone. The ‘hang up’ button, the number pad, the speaker button are examples.

What is the procedure for gaining entry to Incallui?

Find Phone, Phone/Messaging Storage, Contacts, Contacts Storage, Google Contacts Sync, and com. android. incallui in Settings -> Apps -> All.

What is Android Incallui and is it used to cheat?

This claim is absolutely false. It is the call UI that appears when you dial a phone number; some people refer to it as the call screen with all the options. For example, you can hold a call, mute it, hang up the phone, or add another person to the call. In other words, it cannot be used to cheat.

Can I uninstall incallui

During a call, IncallUI is the device app that handles different onscreen functions. System UI can be found in Settings->Apps Menu->System UI. This is not something you can turn off because it is built into the system. However, other applications can interact with this UI, so you can see this on Android phones.

What is Incallui stand for?

Incallui stands for  “in call user interface”.

This is the piece of software that runs in the background when you are on the phone. In addition, this app allows you to record and mute the call and hang up the call etc. 

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We have gone over the caller ID with several aspects. We explained how it works to you. Why is it used, and when should it be used and when should it not be used? If you have any problems with it, please let us know. We have offered some ideas. Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

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