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Com Dti Folderlauncher App: What Is It? Ways to Fix It?

Com Dti Folderlauncher App: What Is It?
Com Dti Folderlauncher App: What Is It?

We only really understand the purpose of most phone apps once we need them. For this reason, every Android user also needs the com dti folderlauncher software. However, here’s how to cure it and Everything you need to know if the app keeps coming up or stops functioning.

What is the com.dti.folderlauncher Android app on your Phone?

Each Android app has a unique package name. Usually, this is a domain name. It must be distinct for the Google Play Store to recognize which app to provide to a user upon request. For instance, the Facebook app has the package name com.facebook.katana, whereas the launcher app has Com.dti.folderlauncher.

Android also determines an app’s storage location and launch method based on the package name. Thus, seek up the package name of the program if you’re ever wondering where it’s installed or how to start it on your smartphone!

With the Com.dti.folderlauncher app for Android, you may open many programs from a single icon. If you often use many applications and want them to be easily accessible, this is quite practical.

On the other hand, the com dti folderlauncher android app has been known to create issues, according to some customers. If you’re having problems with the app, try these possible fixes.

How to fix the com dti folderLauncher problem easily?

Recall that updating your Android will become more difficult if you remove the com dti folderlauncher. This is because updating the program will need you to recompile it, which might take some time.

Thus, if you won’t need to update the program often, delete the package name alone. Many fixes are available if you’re experiencing issues with the folder launcher app.

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Restart your Android Phone

Restarting your Android phone should be your initial course of action. The com dti folder launcher and other small issues like “unfortunately, the com google android cellbroadcastreceiver app has stopped” may sometimes be resolved by doing this.

  • Press the Power button.
  • Hold on for a few seconds.
  • Select “restart” from the menu.

If the battery on your phone is detachable, you may need to take it out and put it back in before using it again. 

After your smartphone has rebooted, examine whether the issue you were having persists. Try the following actions if the problem persists.

Clear cache to fix the Com Dti Folderlauncher App

The problem could be resolved if the Phone is forced to reload all the files required to operate the app by clearing the cache. Here’s how to empty your smartphone’s cache:

  • Select Storage after selecting Settings.
  • To verify, tap on Cached data.
  • Restart your phone to see if it fix the issue.

Eliminate background apps

Applications that run in the background even while you’re not using them are known as background apps. They may slow down your Phone and drain important resources like data and battery life.

To repair the dti folder launcher app, follow these instructions. It’s also a good idea to eliminate background programs that aren’t in use. That’s how:

  • Get your Phone’s Settings app open.
  • Select “Battery.”
  • Press the three-dot menu button located in the upper-right corner of the display.
  • Look up “Optimization of batteries.”
  • Select “All apps.”
  • Locate the software or applications you want to delete, then choose “Don’t optimize.”
  • To save your edits, tap “Done.”

If you need help, it might be necessary for you to factory reset your device or turn off the app.

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Disable the app from Your Phone.

Although turning off an app won’t remove it from your Phone, it will stop it from operating and using battery life. Disabling the com dti folderlauncher program from your smartphone is simple, however. Either a third-party app or the settings menu may be used for this. 

Take these actions to stop the com.dti.folderLauncher from working:

  • Select Settings.
  • Select Notifications & Apps.
  • Hold View every app.
  • After swiping down, choose “Com dti folderLauncher.”
  • Press Disable.

Factory reset your Android.

It could need a factory reset to get the app functioning properly. All of your Android device’s data, contacts, and picture files will be deleted in this stage. Thus, be cautious to back up all of your Android data.

This is how to factory reset your Phone correctly:

Find the app called Settings.

Visit regarding Phone.

Select Reset factory data.

If your screen is locked, input your password or PIN and choose Erase Everything.

Contact customer supporter

In case the aforementioned fails. Reaching out to customer support is the best course of action. They will be able to assist you in troubleshooting the issue and resolving it so the app functions properly. For further information, review the application’s or website’s FAQ section.

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Conclusion – Com Dti Folderlauncher App

You may wonder what the Com Dti folderlauncher Android app is and how to repair it if installed on your smartphone. This post helped you understand the topic better. That may, however, sometimes result in issues like showing up and ceasing to function. Our recommendation is to get in touch with your customer assistance if you are having these problems.

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